The Global International Scientific and Analytical Project (GISAP) is not the GISAPEA itself, but the organizational foundation this world is based on. It is its source of ideas and the form of constructive manifestation.

Any base is not the building itself. Its qualitative characteristics are not beauty, grace of forms and structural harmony, but solidity and firmness making the whole building stable and determined.

Gisapea is successfully developing on its fundamental basis, qualities of which can be easily examined directly on the informational platform of the GISAP project -

You will understand peculiarities, special features and prospects of the GISAP project even better if you don't just passively study the basis of the scientific-analytical structure, but become an active participant of the project entering the GISAPEA building and taking its stairs up with diligence...

We hope that that's the way it happens in your case, dear reader of our Book! We are waiting for you on the top floors of our world!