«While heading towards something one shouldn't look back, but unceasingly move forward and mentally be together with those who had shown reference points leading to the goal before»

Once upon a time a traveler faced a strange problem: he discovered a world well known, but at the same time not indicated on any map, a world without obvious external manifestations, specific internal organization and clear boundaries... But it was "the very world". You may ask: "How did the wanderer discover it?" Easily - this unusual character lives in this world... Yes, yes. Besides, he made his inquisitive journeys only within borders of his own place of residence. Moreover, as the world was virtual and made of information and knowledge, one could travel through this world and visit distant locations billions of miles away immediately. Magic? Yeah, there is a lot of magic in this world! Due to its unusual qualities this world is able to transform the surrounding reality and fill it with sense and prospects!

But then the time has come, and the wanderer started to think that his beloved and well-known world deserved not only abstract ideological and informational manifestation, but also actual physical embodiment.

- It must exist not only in thoughts and knowledge. It must be reachable in specific forms, relations, organization... Feelings at last! - Our hero thought. - Many inhabitants of our world try to present it to people around, but their efforts are local, partial and connected with their own goals. As for me, I will try to associate all followers of creative thinking ready to cooperate and interact for the sake of the progress of science and its openness to the general public!

Thinking this way, the traveler started to make a map of this huge scientific world inviting all its inhabitants to take part in this process. By the way, the name of this reformer was also unusual - IASHE... May all his work be filled with luck and wide fruitful cooperation with everyone interested!

The International Scientific and Analytical Project (GISAP) was founded by the International Academy of Science and Higher Education (IASHE; London, UK). Together with partners and followers from around the world the IASHE holds national, continental and world research analytics championships devoted to different scientific branches among separate scientific, club and national teams. Besides the GISAP project also assumes: publication of international collections of scientific reports and scientific periodicals; scientific congresses; wide distribution of innovative abstracts of scientific reports; implementation of scientific-analytical (creative) doctoral programs; establishment of the international scientometric database Socrates-Impulse; constant communications between intellectuals in the social network PlatoNick; establishment of the hierarchic self-organization system for scientists-analysts - National, Continental and World research analytics Federations; formation of scientific-analytical rankings of scientists, universities and countries; the system of professional assessment and approbation of scientific studies; the set of accompanying and supplementary events. 

The IASHE also implements other projects in the field of promotion of scientific and educational activity, organization of international scientific communications and cooperation. Detailed information about these projects is available on the official website: http://www.iashe.eu/.